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Tips for Wrapping Up a Successful Open Enrollment

By Heather Eshaghpour  

Having tackled open enrollment in the fall, many managers and human resources professionals would consider the busy season over. However, to ensure a successful enrollment process, we strongly encourage you to add one more step to your list: follow up. And as the first quarter tends to be slower-paced in the benefits realm, now is a good time to thoroughly finish open enrollment (OE). Here are suggestions from four of our executives.

Do a full audit

Insurance companies make mistakes. Following open enrollment, do a full audit of your bills to payroll. Be sure to check the following:

  • Is every employee covered that should be?
  • Are there any employees on the bill that should not be covered?
  • Are the correct tiers being billed for each employee? (employee only, family, employee + child(ren), employee + spouse, etc.) Are all employees’ names spelled correctly?

During this process, you may find discrepancies. If something is not correct on your bill, more than likely it will also affect either an employee’s or dependent’s eligibility. If these errors can be found and resolved before they use their coverage, then you can avoid urgent situations in the future.


Heather Eshaghpour
Director of
Employee Benefits

Double check contact numbers and ID cards

Employees should have accurate contact information and numbers to access their new coverage. They will feel under-served by their new benefits plan if their ID card is expired, or if their old plan information is still showing on the company’s intranet site.



Juan Lamb
Account Executive

Provide education and access

Email a link to the insurance carriers’ websites to remind employees that they can access their benefits plan online.

For smaller groups, employers need to supply their employees with access – either a hard copy list of contacts or a link to an electronic list. Though employees received a contact list at open enrollment, it’s easy for pieces to be lost or misplaced.

Debrief with employees about the OE process regarding what works, what needs improvement, and what employees may want included. Document your ideas where you can easily find them when you are ready to work on OE next year.



Joel Grubbs
Account Executive

Ensure employee deductions are properly loaded into payroll

Properly loading employee deductions into payroll is important for voluntary coverages, such as disability and life insurance. Failure to collect premiums from employees for their elections can cause a delay and/or denial at the time of claim. If employees have made elections that require medical underwriting, make sure to setup the proper payroll deductions as coverage is approved.



Ken Liberatore
Vice President, Benefits


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