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2018 Sun Life Report: High-Cost Claims Data Trends to Watch

By Jeremy Charbonneau  

Sun Life recently published their sixth annual Stop-Loss Research Report about current trends in high-cost claims data. The report highlights the top ten high-cost claims conditions, high-cost injectable drugs, as well as million-dollar claims trends.

According to Sun Life Financials’ 2018 Report, “Million-dollar medical claims increased 87 percent from 2014 – 2017. Patients with claims over $1 million represented only 2 percent of the total number of stop-loss claims from 2014-2017, but about 20 percent, or nearly $600 million, of the total $3 billion in stop-loss reimbursements.”

Percentage of employers with $1M+ claim segmented by employer size






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Source: 2018 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report: High-cost claims and injectable drug trends

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