Your Advocate in Negotiations & Claims


Proactive Management

Analyze Plan Offerings

To move forward we need to know where you’ve been. Therefore, we start by assessing the plans you currently offer: How do they compare with local and national benchmarks? Do they provide adequate coverage for your employees’ needs? If your existing offerings no longer meet your needs, we recommend new plan options, healthier lifestyle strategies, and smart consumer approaches—all designed to provide your employees and your organization the best value in the marketplace.

Plan Analysis

The best solutions for your company are out there. Our role is to assess all of your insurance coverages yearly to ensure they remain consistent with your goals and budget. After a thorough analysis, we negotiate with carriers on your behalf to secure the best possible offerings.

Implementation & Vendor Management

It’s important to establish an efficient strategy and timeline to implement and monitor your plans. We work closely with your vendors throughout the year and troubleshoot any issues as they arise. We don’t rest until we know you are getting the vendor performance that your organization deserves.

Financial Analysis

For organizations with 100 or more employees, we can analyze claims data and project medical plan costs months in advance. We also identify cost drivers and recommend ways to manage them. This approach gives you time to make informed decisions, create an enrollment strategy, and effectively communicate changes to your employees.

Client Communication

Through our monthly newsletters, we keep you informed about upcoming events, industry trends, and new regulations. We also offer multiple client workshops, webinars, and regular meetings that address topics ranging from healthcare reform to vendor innovations. Keeping you up to date is a priority.