Health Plan Benchmarking

Paradigm Group is a member of United Benefit Advisors ® (UBA), an exclusive partner-owned alliance of more than 130 premier independent benefit advisory firms nationwide. Paradigm Group has exclusive UBA partnership rights in Middle Tennessee, including access to the largest health plan benchmarking survey in the country. 

How Do Your Benefits Stack Up Against Your Competition? 

Benchmarking your benefits plan is a critical step to build and maintain a successful long-term benefits strategy, especially as it relates to controlling costs and attracting and retaining employees.

It’s important for you to be able to compare your benefits to those of other firms in your industry, region and number of employees covered. Most national brokers’ surveys don’t provide this data for midsize employers. How are you currently benchmarking your health plan?

Benefits Benchmarking, Nashville, Tennessee

The Nation’s Largest Benchmarking Survey

The UBA Health Plan Survey is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive survey of U.S. health plans, with validated responses of 12,000 employers. The UBA Health Plan Survey is larger than all the leading surveys produced by Kaiser, Mercer, Gallagher and Willis Towers Watson — combined.

The UBA Health Plan Survey provides employers in all size segments with valuable benchmarking data that previously was available only to large corporations.

Benchmarking Benefits: Data from the UBA Health Plan Survey can help you gauge a wide range of factors regarding your health plan offerings, such as:

  • Are company premiums above or below the norm?
  • Are your employees’ contribution levels in line with those of your competitors?
  • Are co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums for your plans in line with averages for your geography, industry, and size?
  • How do your annual premium increases compare with those of other employers in your area?
  • How do your prescription drug benefits compare?
  • Are you in step with the cost-containment strategies being implemented successfully by other companies in your industry?

Access the 2017 Health Plan Benchmark Survey Findings Today

Paradigm Group uses Health Plan Survey data to create custom benchmark reports for our clients to inform future plan decisions and adjustments to keep benefits both competitive and cost-effective. We’d love to share the 2017 Health Plan Survey results with you and discuss how we can help you make smarter, data driven decisions for your organization.