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Administrative Assistance

Share the Load

Let us lighten your administrative burden by taking on some of your day-to-day tasks.

Claims Resolution

We dedicate resources to help your employees with claims concerns or medical bills that arise from provider error, insurance error, or employee misunderstanding. We either take action on your employee’s behalf or provide education about the plan. Our platform ensures follow up and facilitates early recognition of emerging employee concerns

Participant Additions, Terminations, and Changes

Employees may come and go, and the paper trail they leave you with can be overwhelming. We work directly with each carrier and vendor to notify them of:

  • New hires who need to be entered into the system correctly and efficiently
  • Changes in an employee’s dependent enrollment
  • Employee terminations, including a follow up with the COBRA vendor

Plan Audits

We analyze a variety of systems to keep your benefits programs running smoothly.

  • Employee enrollment, payroll deduction, and carrier records for accurate implementation of employee elections.
  • Dependent enrollment to ensure compliance with the plan’s eligibility provisions.
  • Billing reconciliation to maintain consistency between proposed rates and billed rates.