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What You Need to Know: COBRA Liability in Mergers and Acquisitions

By Natalie Withers  

Employers who go through business reorganizations, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), will need to know whether COBRA continuation coverage must be offered and whether the group health plan of the seller or buyer must  provide COBRA continuation coverage. Here is what you need to know…

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2018 Sun Life Report: High-Cost Claims Data Trends to Watch

By Jeremy Charbonneau  

Sun Life recently published their sixth annual Stop-Loss Research Report about current trends in high-cost claims data. The report highlights the top ten high-cost claims conditions, high-cost injectable drugs, as well as million-dollar claims trends. According to Sun Life Financials’ 2018 Report, “Million-dollar medical claims increased 87 percent from 2014 – 2017.

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Paradigm Group Named The Tennessean’s No. 1 Top Workplace

By Alyssa Curran  

The Tennessean has recognized Paradigm Group as the No. 1 Top Workplace in the small business category! As a four-time recipient of the Top Workplaces Award, the Paradigm Group team was also recognized with the Hall of Fame Award. In addition to these team awards, Bob Levy, president of Paradigm Group, received the 2018 Small Business Leadership Award.

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2018 Wellbeing Conference Video Recap

By Kelly Holt, CHC  

A video highlight reel from Paradigm Group’s fourth annual Workplace Wellbeing Conference. During this year’s conference, we focused on the importance of employee engagement as a part of a well-rounded wellbeing program.

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Cost Containment Strategy #2: How Telemedicine Creates Cost Savings

By Edward Rittenberg, CFP ®  

Telemedicine uses technology to facilitate communication between a doctor and patient, who are not in the same physical location, to conduct evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Also referred to as “virtual visits,” telemedicine has gained traction over the past 15 years, and by 2020, there could be an estimated 45.6 million virtual consultations performed in the U.S.