Making the Difficult, Understandable

A case study of a 733 employee construction trade company that wanted to save money on its medical plan while maintaining the same level of company benefits. Construction Trades wanted to implement an innovative medical plan that would save money without reducing benefits. Success of this new arrangement hinged on employees’ novel usage of their benefits at point of service. Paradigm Group’s account management team knew that employees had historically accessed their various benefits in the same way, but that the new medical plan would require a different process. They recognized that although the employer’s plan was comprehensive and competitive, employees’ attention likely would focus on the new process, which could be confusing without careful explanation. The team decided to avoid complicated verbal and written communications in favor of simple graphics designed to give employees easily understood and readily recalled images to use when they used their medical plan benefits. The images were featured in an initial announcement and reinforced in the open enrollment presentation and meeting handouts.