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2018 Wellbeing Conference Video Recap

By Kelly Holt, CHC  

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On April 25, at Paradigm Group’s fourth annual Workplace Wellbeing Conference, over 200 Middle Tennessee business owners, HR leaders and executives gathered to discuss the impacts and importance of employee engagement as a part of a well-rounded wellbeing program.

We not only defined engagement within the context of a healthy workplace, we answered the question, how do we align leaders’ behaviors to promote engagement and help our employees stay committed to wellness programming that can really change their lives?

This interactive conference featured three keynote speakers who shared innovative solutions for fostering healthier, happier, more engaged employees, and attendees left the conference equipped with practical solutions for cultivating and sustaining a culture of wellness.

Watch the latest video highlights reel: 

To learn more about Paradigm Group’s 2018 Wellbeing Conference, including important tips from our keynote speakers, check out the conference spotlight in the Nashville Medical News: Engaging Employees in Your Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives.

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